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When Three Steps Seem Like a Mountain

When Three Steps Seem Like a Mountain

For Meladee, there were days when those three steps felt like a mountain.

Meladee returned home from a four-month hospital stay needing to use a walker and an oxygen tank. She had just three steps at the entry of her home, but for Meladee, there were days it felt like climbing a mountain. Even going down the stairs was a chore for Melodee—she had to turn around and negotiate the steps backward which was very dangerous.

Melodee, who is sixty-six years old and lives alone, has a car and is able to access the community with little difficulty once she gets out of her house, but some days those three steps at her door made it impossible for her to engage in her community and be independent. Meladee told us there were days she could not muster the energy to tackle those three stairs at all, and she would be confined to her home.

When Meladee learned of Milestone Senior Services’ home repair and safety modification program, she reached out to us to apply for a ramp. Meladee was approved for a ramp through our program and is now able to safely come and go from her home without worrying about falling or becoming so winded that she can’t make it.

In addition to constructing entry ramps, Milestone Senior Services performs minor home repairs and safety modifications which allow older adults and adults with disabilities to continue living safely and independently in their homes. Meladee told us, “Since I’ve had the ramp, I’ve been in heaven! Anyone who needs a ramp should have one!”

May 15, 2023