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Senior Companion Program Is a Win-Win

Senior Companion Program Is a Win-Win

Willie Mae has been volunteering with our Senior Companion program for 15 years. Senior Companion provides peer support, friendship, and assistance to older adults. Volunteer companions connect with their senior companions in-person or by phone. Willie Mae provides companionship for five older adults. “I have a close relationship with all my senior companions. Some of them I connect with just once a week, but some want more contact—two of them I call two or three times a week.” Willie Mae said. “We talk about how our day is going and swap stories; for some of these folks, I might be their only social life. It’s good for them – and it’s good for me too!” Willie Mae went on to explain, “Even if someone lives with their family, sometimes it’s nice to chat with someone closer to your own age who might be going through the same things you are.” Willie Mae enjoys knowing she’s brightening someone’s day, “I know I’m making a difference in someone’s life, and that’s a great feeling.”

Our Senior Companion Program matches volunteers who are 55 and older to older adults who need a little assistance or who experience isolation. The program offers a stipend to companion volunteers who qualify as low-income. Willie Mae, said “The Senior Companion program is really a win-win situation; my senior companions have someone to relate to, we enjoy each other’s company, and the extra money has helped me get out of debt.” That’s great, Willie Mae! Thank you for your service!

Volunteer Engagement is one of our core services and the Senior Companion program is just one of the volunteer services we provide. There are many older adults looking for ways to give back to the community by using their time and skills to help others. Our volunteer programs connect people with opportunities to do just that. Your financial support of Milestone Senior Services allows us to continue connecting older adults with meaningful ways to contribute to the community.

April 07, 2023