Dining Centers

Enjoy a Delicious Meal with New Friends

A meal in the company of others is a great joy. Milestone offers nutritious meals and social activities at 23 dining locations located throughout Kalamazoo and Calhoun County. All services are provided on a donation basis.

Do I Qualify?

  • Age 60 years or more
  • Ready to make new friends
  • You are welcome to bring a loved one under 60 with you for a small fee

Meals are available Monday through Friday. See location details below for exact times.


  • Calhoun County

    Bedford Manor Dining Center – Take-home only
    100 S. Bedford Rd.
    Battle Creek, MI 49017
    Billy Castle, Coordinator
    M-F 10:30am-1pm, Lunch 11:30am

    Cherryhill Manor Dining CenterTake-home only
    10 Clay St.
    Battle Creek, MI 49017
    Constance Siegel, Coordinator
    M-F 10:30am-1pm, Lunch 11:30am

    Clarence Dining Center – Dine-in
    Clarence Township Hall
    27052 R Drive North
    Albion, MI 49224
    Mark Rice, Coordinator
    M, T, W 10:30am-1pm, Lunch 11:45am

    Lakeview 900Take-home only
    900 W. Territorial Rd.
    Battle Creek, MI 49015
    Karl Hoard, Coordinator
    M, W, F 10:30am-1pm, Lunch 12 noon

    Marshall Housing Dining CenterDine-in
    200 E. Spruce Street
    Marshall, MI 49068
    Deborah Trescott, Coordinator
    Currently Closed

    Springview Towers Dining CenterTake-home only
    231 Springview Drive
    Battle Creek, MI 49017
    Eileen Worthington, Coordinator
    M-F 10:30am-1pm, Lunch 11am

    Westbrook Place Dining CenterTake-home only
    183 West Street
    Battle Creek, MI 49015
    Michelle Dove, Coordinator
    M-F 10:30am-1pm, Lunch 11:30am

  • Kalamazoo County

    Ecumenical Senior Center
    702 N. Burdick Street
    Kalamazoo, MI 49007
    Open M-F at 11:30 am

    Washington Square
    710 Collins
    Kalamazoo, MI 49001
    Open M-F at 11:30 am

Restaurant Dining Program

The Restaurant Dining Program serves adults 60 and better in rural, outlying areas. It encouragessocialization and offers flexibility and choices in receiving affordable, healthy meals at local restaurantsthrough coupons provided to participants.

Donations Welcome

The funding for each meal is partly paid by state and federal government. Your voluntary donation helps us increase the number of individuals we can serve and fight hunger and isolation throughout our communities.

Other Meal Services

Milestone provides a holistic approach to meal services, meeting the needs of seniors throughout life’s journey. From delivered meals to dining rooms that foster friendship, we build vital human connections with each meal.

Additional Services

The dining centers program is just one part of the mosaic of Milestone’s choice-driven services. Our essential resources guide the way to emotional support, home care, home repair, managed care, and many other personalized services that ease the burden for seniors, persons with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.

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